Friday, March 19, 2010

Newes from the Dead

by Mary Hooper was a great book. Mystic told me I HAD to read it and she was right. It's about a servant girl in 1650 England who is accused of a crime for which she is sentenced to hang. Her body is given to doctors for dissection. The only problem with that is she's not dead. However, she's not able to communicate to them that she's still alive.

The book is based on a real girl who really did survive a hanging.

This was the best library book I've read so far after "Thirteen Reasons Why."

AR 6.9/11 pts

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Story of a Girl

by Sara Zarr was just okay for me. It's about Deanna who tries to outlive a bad reputation she earned in 8th grade. She doesn't really get along with her parents. She plans on moving to an apartment with her brother and his family.

Nothing ever really happens in this book. I kept waiting and expecting, but the book didn't deliver. Deanna makes amends with people she has issues with in the book, but there was no big climactic event.
AR 4.5/6 pts

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Jumping off Swings

by Jo Knowles is an interesting story told from four points of view. One point of view comes from Ellie, the main character, who feels unloved and wants a boyfriend. She has a "one-time thing" with Josh, thinking it will make him want her as his girlfriend. However, it turns out badly for both of them when Ellie ends up pregnant.

This book was good. I liked the four points of view. The way Ellie sees Josh's behavior is completely not what he feels on the inside. I was sad for Ellie at the end. I wish things would have turned out better for her and Josh. Corinne and Caleb are good friends to her, though.

AR 3.6/6 pts

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Along for the Ride

by Sarah Dessen was a good book. It was recommended to me by Hannah B. It's the story of Auden, a bookish, sheltered girl who decides to leave her high-achieving professor mother to spend the summer with her selfish dad and his new wife and baby. There, at the seaside town, she finds the social life she always missed out on. She makes friends, including Eli, a loner who helps her on her quest--to experience the things normal kids do growing up, like riding a bike and bowling. Auden learns she can be more than just one kind of person and she doesn't have to fit into the mold her mother fit her into.

AR 4.7/15 pts

Monday, March 1, 2010

Upcoming Events for Teens at the Coshocton Public Library

For March, April, and May--Remember you are supposed to register if you plan on going. Do to that either click on the link or call 622-0956.

Weds, March 3 Plugged and Unplugged

Weds, March 3 Animanga Club

Weds, March 10 Plugged and Unplugged

Weds, March 17 Plugged and Unplugged

Thurs, March 18 Teen Monopoly Tournament (West Lafayette Branch)

Sat, March 20 Animanga Gaming Olympix

Weds, March 24 Plugged and Unplugged

Weds, March 24 Keeping a Personal Journal (for teens and adults)

Weds, March 31 Plugged and Unplugged

Weds, April 7 Plugged and Unplugged

Weds, April 7 Animanga Club

Weds, April 14 Plugged and Unplugged

Weds, April 14 Teen Poetry Night

Weds, April 21 Plugged and Unplugged

Weds, April 28 Plugged and Unplugged

Weds, May 5 Plugged and Unplugged

Weds, May 5 Animanga Club

Weds, May 12 Plugged and Unplugged

Weds, May 19 Plugged and Unplugged

Weds, May 19 "Now Showing @ the Library" the movie 2012

Weds, May 26 Plugged and Unplugged