Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Instructions for using "My Account" on CAT

The "My Account" section of our online library catalog (CAT) allows you to place or cancel books on hold (reserve them when they are next checked in), renew books, and check if you have been billed for a lost/damaged book. In order to use "My Account," you will need to log in.

To log in:

1. In the ALT ID box (the 2nd box) enter your lunch number.

2. In the PIN box (the 3rd box) enter your birthday month and day. This is a 4 digit number. For example, if your birthday is January 3, your PIN would be 0103. If your birthday is October 15, your PIN would be 1015. You must place zeroes in front of single digits. If you don't understand this or have problems logging in, see Mrs. Beaumont for help.

*Some of you were given barcode numbers on index cards earlier this year. Disregard those. You use your lunch number instead.

Account Summary Tab: Gives general details about your account

Additional Tabs appear if transactions exist (checkouts, bills, holds):

Checkouts tab will give your checkouts/overdues information. This is where you can renew books.

Bills tab will give bills information (if you have been charged for a lost/damaged book).

Holds tab will give holds information. It will show if you have a book on hold or it will allow you to cancel a hold.

To place a hold on a book:

Search for the book you want on CAT. When the description comes up, look for the "Place Hold" link. This is where you enter your lunch number in the Alt ID box and your birthday (month and day) in the PIN box. Then click "Place Hold". This completes the process. Be sure to log out when finished.

When the book is checked in, Mrs. Beaumont will send a note for you letting you know that your book is in and you can come pick it up.